Phelan’s comprehensive policy platform outlines a comprehensive 3-stage continuum of services for before, during, and after incarceration

QUINCY, MA -- Today, Candidate for Norfolk County Sheriff and former three-term mayor of Quincy, Bill Phelan, unveiled an extensive and ambitious policy agenda for the Norfolk County Sheriff’s office. He is the first candidate in the race to do so. The Office of Sheriff of Norfolk County is an important community resource that needs careful management for the benefit of every tax-paying citizen of Norfolk County.

Phelan’s vision for the Norfolk County Sheriff’s office ecompasses a 3-phase approach to humane rehabilitative care and comprehensive recovery programs that respect dignity, ensure fairness, strengthen communities, and most importantly, promote public safety. “As Norfolk County Sheriff, my vision is to provide a continuum of services before, during and after incarceration delivered with compassion and dignity in a safe environment,” said Phelan. “I will use my executive leadership skills and fiscal management experience to offer innovative new ideas that are data-driven, practical and cost-effective while promoting public safety and fostering a culture of respect for all.”

Some key elements of Phelan’s vision include:

Before Incarceration - Advocating for bail reform, partnering with community groups, schools and local governments to support crime prevention programs (including programs for at-risk youth), offering pre-trial inmates substance use disorder and mental health treatment programs through outside providers, that incentivize successful participation through the possibility of earning a bail review hearing to petition for pretrial release.

During Incarceration - Implementing a comprehensive infectious disease screening program to identify COVID-19 and other infections before assigning inmate housing, ​convening a task force of medical and public health experts to review facilities and procedures to identify and correct potential opportunities for disease transmission in the jail, review and improve intake procedures and improve training for intake and classification staff so that inmate medical and health information is obtained in a timely fashion, creating an environment that ensures the safety, health and wellness of correctional officers and offers opportunities for top-notch, continuing training and education, ending the unequal treatment of women inmates, addressing the different needs of young adult inmates aged 18 to 25, partnering with trade unions to create an apprenticeship feeder program in which the union provides skills training to inmates during incarceration and places those who complete training in apprenticeships immediately upon their release.

After Incarceration - Supporting successful re-entry into the community by creating an aftercare plan for every inmate that includes housing, employment counseling, access to education, medical care, substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment and programs to help newly released people comply with court and probation requirements, investing in step-down programs that prepare those who are completing their sentence outside of jail to re-enter the community, and asking local businesses to commit to providing recovery-friendly workplaces for released inmates.


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